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Personal Protection Orders

Personal Protection Orders (PPO) The Wayne County Clerk's Office provides direct services to victims of domestic violence within Wayne County, MI. These services are provided in adherence to the Wayne County Clerk’s Office Domestic Violence Program and PPO Victim Advocacy Program.

Our Social Service Specialists conduct interviews with victims in order to complete all required court forms and provide counseling on their rights and responsibilities related to the PPO Victim Assistance Program. The Social Service Specialists also assist their client(s) with presenting their information before the court, and provide them with crisis counseling and referrals to services at pertinent organizations within the community for added support.

Please note that our Social Service Specialists DO NOT provide legal advice or legal representation to their client(s). They do, however, serve as a liaison and advocate on the victim's behalf, including accompanying their client(s) to court hearings when necessary for moral support. PPO Courtroom Business Hours Are: 8:30 AM to 12 PM & 2 PM to 4 PM Monday - Friday (Or Otherwise As Determined and Directed By The Court)
There is no fee or charge for a PPO.
Cathy M. Garrett
Wayne County Clerk
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