Department of Technology

Our Mission

The Department of Technology provides exemplary business solutions using reliable technology that drive efficient Wayne County government operations and deliver the highest quality of service and information to residents, businesses and visitors of Wayne County.
  • Goal #1 - Design Exemplary Solutions
    With an overarching customer service approach, align and partner with Wayne County government Departments and Elected Offices to design improved processes, functions and capabilities.
  • Goal #2 - Implement Reliable Technology
    Implement standard IT infrastructure that improves operations, security and reliability through shared services and reputable external service providers.
  • Goal #3 - Deliver Efficient Wayne County Government Operations
    Deliver efficient and effective solutions to all Wayne County operations to minimize cost and maximize throughput.
  • Goal #4 - Expand Service and Information to Residents, Businesses and Visitors to Wayne County
    Expand on-line services to reach all constituents anytime and anywhere.
  • Goal #5 - Provide Department of Technology Management
    Provide superior management to IT resources, initiatives and service delivery to achieve stated goals.






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