Health & Human Services

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The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to promote and assure the health and quality of life by providing, maintaining, developing and coordinating a wide-range of innovative and fiscally responsible educational and health services to Wayne County residents so they can lead productive and healthy lives.

Through the Health and Human Services department, citizens can receive immunizations, public health information, mental health services, information on health care for small business, Head Start program details, and many other countywide services.

HHS provides a wide range of services that extends from early childhood (Head Start, WIC, Mother Infant Health Program) through adulthood (Public Health and Mental Health). HHS also provides quality environmental health, nutritional and personal health, women and child health, communicable disease prevention and control services, and emergency preparedness to all Wayne County residents.

Through Jail Health Services, HHS ensures that jail inmates achieve an optimal level of physical and mental well-being during incarceration and are linked to appropriate services after release.

Patient Care Management System (PCMS) provides through the Adult Benefits Waiver (ABW) basic health coverage to residents of Wayne County with poor income, in addition to BasiCare which provides limited medical benefits on an outpatient basis. Dental Assist is another program offered by PCMS that provides limited dental benefits.

Additional divisions such as the Office of the Medical Examiner and Regional Library for the Blind add to the scope of diverse services offered by HHS.

Thomas Kochis
Director of Health & Human Services