$2.5 Million Cherry Hill Road Resurfacing Project Announced Today By Wayne County Executive Warren Evans & Commissioner Richard LeBlanc

published by: Department of Public Services on 10/13/2015

$2.5 Million Cherry Hill Road Resurfacing Project Announced Today By

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans & Commissioner Richard LeBlanc

Garden City and Westland Commuters to Benefit from Road Improvement Project 


GARDEN CITY, MI – Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans and Commissioner Richard LeBlanc announced this morning that Cherry Hill Road, between Merriman and Wayne, will be resurfaced as part of a $2.5 million project that will include structural adjustments to manholes, ADA sidewalk ramp repair, permanent lane line markings and signage upgrades and replacement. 

The announcement was made during a press conference held along Cherry Hill Road near a Garden City shopping center. Attendees included Mayor William Wild of Westland, City Manager Robert Muery of Garden City and local business and community leaders from both communities.  

“The resurfacing and other improvements made to this stretch of Cherry Hill Road will help local businesses thrive, and make it easier for residents to move about their neighborhood,” said County Executive Evans. “Projects like this serve as an example of how collaboration, and building strong relationships with local communities, can lead to a more vibrant Wayne County.”    

Cherry Hill is one of the most traveled corridors between Westland and Garden City, which are two of the three Wayne County communities Commissioner LeBlanc represents.

“The repaving of Cherry Hill represents a significant local investment,” said Commissioner LeBlanc.  “I appreciate Executive Evans and his staff for working together with my office, Mayor Wild and Mayor Walker, as well as both City Councils and the City Manager of Garden City, to schedule the resurfacing of Cherry Hill. This partnership demonstrates the type of teamwork that is needed to improve the quality of life for those who travel within Wayne County.”

The resurfacing of the 10 ½ lane miles of Cherry Hill Road is scheduled to begin in spring 2016 and be complete by mid-November 2016. Officials from Westland and Garden City had this to say about the announcement:    

“I would like to thank CEO Evans, Commissioner LeBlanc and the entire Wayne County Team for their leadership in addressing what is, by far, Westland’s largest road issue and I’m certain Wayne County drivers will appreciate it as well,” said Mayor Wild. “Without their help and commitment to improving Wayne County’s roadways, this project would not have been possible.”

The City Manager of Garden City, Robert Muery said, “As we all know, road conditions are at the very top of most resident lists of concerns. This project is very significant because it demonstrates that County Executive Evans and Commissioner LeBlanc, while dealing with some very serious issues at the County level, continue to listen to the concerns and equally serve the interests of communities like Garden City and Westland.”

Garden City Mayor Randy Walker said, “The reconstruction of Cherry Hill is great news for Garden City and our neighboring communities. The condition of our roads is the biggest complaint we receive from residents. Thank you, Commissioner LeBlanc and County Executive Evans, for working with us to get this done.” 

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